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Old 11-08-2011, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by JDStudent View Post
I am sorry if I offended. Perhaps I am actually looking for something more similar to swinging, where I can have a friendship connection but not quite progress to love. I very sorry for confusing these two types of relationships and if I in any way disrespected it or anyone here on the forum.
No disrespect, just different ways of viewing sex... often people that are poly swing as well sometimes. Sometimes swingers decide that they are more poly after a time. Its a large pendulum and it can swing from casual/sport sex with no emotional connection to poly fidelity and back again throughout life. There is no reason to assume one thing all the time. The key I think is to be honest about where you are at any given time so that it matches the people you are meeting and considering engaging in some kind of relationship with. That way they know what is expected and can be informed. It just keeps people from getting hurt that way ya know?

Thanks for the info on the distance thing btw...
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