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Old 10-21-2011, 07:09 PM
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Default LF Woman in Prague, Czech Republic


We are a married couple living in Prague, Czech Republic and we are looking for a woman who would be interested in joining our relationship. We are brand new to the polyamorous lifestyle so we would like to move slowly. My wife is straight, poly-curious, but only interested in close friendship at this time. I am straight, more poly-curious and also looking to start out with friendship with plans for something more serious if the combination is right.

Polyamory is something that has been working itself out in my mind for a long time and when I finally found some websites about it last year, most of the information turned out to be many of my thoughts printed in text form. Cool!

It's been a bit problematic trying to find someone on local dating websites. Perhaps we have been looking in the wrong places. I had always thought the attitude to relationships here was a bit more open, but I have found that many women put language in their profiles to fend off the philandering types of married men looking for a secret girlfriend. I seem to get lumped in with these men even though I have information in my profile specifically about a finding a poly relationship. As it turns out, I have found more people interested in poly in my sparsely populated home state in the USA, than around my neighborhood here in Europe. Me and my preconceived notions... I'll get myself straightened out one of these days...

As far as a poly relationship goes, my idea is to find someone in or around Prague who could be a primary member of a triad. This is not necessarily a hard requirement, nor is speaking English. Speaking Czech/Czenglish is also an option for us. We would simply have to meet and talk and take it from there. We are pretty easy going. We do hope that we can find someone who shares at least some of our interests, which happens to not be a problem with most Czechs we know. We are interested in hiking, biking, camping, mushrooming, sightseeing, scooting away to a country cottage with friends for a weekend of grilling, etc. We don't do much skiing, but that could be changed without much protest. We are also into cultural events such as symphony concerts and such, since we are both amateur musicians who give performances as well. As far as age goes, we are not very picky. We just hope to find someone mentally around our age, so I guess that could include anyone from 18-45ish, depending on the circumstances. Who is to say that we are mentally round 30 anyway? Yeah, I think we act a bit younger, haha. But, on the other hand, we are both also self-employed and have been since moving to Prague. We are not in it for the glorious fame and fortune, but simply for the flexibility of scheduling, freedom of decision making and to not have to answer to an incompetent boss. It's awesome!

I am a solid 6'3(190cm), 275lb(120kilo) man who probably looks like a brown haired, sparkling blue eyed bearded beer connoisseur. My wife is a slender, glamorous 5'7(170cm), less-than-half-my-weight redhead of Irish decent. We are really lucky and happy together. After reading some of the stories here, we are pretty sure we can capture lighting in a bottle a second time.

If anyone here has any suggestions for other dating websites, please suggest away! We are excited to meet someone new.

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Old 10-22-2011, 11:13 AM
PipeDreamer PipeDreamer is offline
Join Date: Oct 2011
Location: Czech Republic
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Well, it looks like I have my terminology crossed from the get-go. We are not looking for a triad, but rather a V with me (the husband) as the hinge. A triad might be possible in the long term, but I am not willing to make promises that I would expect someone else (my wife) to honor. She has talked about a triad, but is not comfortable with it at this time.

I wanted to change this before the edit window expired, but the post was up for approval for a long time, I went to bed and when I got up, the time had expired. : / Maybe a moderator can change that for me. I hope so. I don't want someone reading my post and getting the wrong idea from the beginning.

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