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Old 08-22-2011, 07:58 PM
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Default Big Red's Poly Adventure

I have often wondered why I do the things I do, and I realized, over the last week, that I am poly. It started when my wife asked if she could look up an old friend from high school. I helped her find him and allowed her to go have dinner with him. After having dinner a few times, which I knew about, apparently they decided to fool around a bit. I knew, before hand, about the dinners but not the fooling around. Until the confession, she had no choice really because he didnít give her the attention she needed afterwards and she was very upset.

I was there for her and four years later they are still friends and talk almost daily. I know this because she tells me everything and I help by talking about it. The one thing that separates us for the animals is the ability to communicate.

To make a long story short I have recently asked myself a lot of questions about why I have been apart in all of this. Most people wouldnít help look up a high school buddy, allow dinner, and understand when they fooled around. Itís because I am poly. My wife seems to be as well. As for her high school friend; I think he just wants to fuck her and put a notch in his head board. Yes, believe it or not, they havenít had sex.

My wife has never been with anyone else before and we are high school sweet hearts. And I have to say; itís awesome. We are great friends, which is why I can feel compersion (opposite of jealousy) for letting my best friend fulfill a fantasy. I personally would like to have a threesome with them because it looks like a lot of fun. I would also like it if he could hangout and drink a beer too and have it be more than just sex. My wife is a good judge of character and I have to trust her on this one because I havenít really met him. I like to think he is a really nice guy like me and they are both really frustrated because they canít figure out how to make things work. It gets complicated because he is married too. I know right!

Another reason I think I am poly is because of the fantasies that I have. I fantasize about some very loving situations with my wifeís sister. She is a very sweet, kind and beautiful woman; much like my wife. Unfortunately, I donít believe that my wifeís sister is poly. However, those fantasies have made me realize what I picture as an ideal poly situation. And even though Iím strait, it doesnít matter if it is with another man or another woman. Itís the alternative lifestyle that Ďtheoreticallyí should have the most love.

So Iím glad Iím out of the closet. Not because Iím on this web site, but because I have told my wife that I am poly and that is why I have been so understanding. I plan to continue to help my wife any way I can. But now what about me? I think I will save that for the next post.
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