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Old 07-31-2011, 02:38 AM
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Default Very new

Hi all. We're a couple, looking for a F (guessing we're not alone there). Can't figure out how to post an avatar, but there's a couple of pics on the profile.

Umm...well, guess we should say something about us here. Not just looking to get laid. We would like a friend who will be around for a long time. We're in the UK, pretty attractive (feel free to argue), and we would both like a bi lady, under 30, who is interested in music (we can decide if you're right or wrong about it later ), movies (he works in a cinema), and comics (him again, but he really is cooler than I'm making him sound).

We're 27 (me) and 29 (him. Umm...obviously) and looking for genuine people in the UK. Would really like to hear fromm you if you think you would like to know more.


Ok, read a little more about the submission guidelines (probably should've done that first)

Well, we're a couple. Pretty young, but been together a pretty long time (11 years now). We're both looking for something new, and we hope someone else will be that.

But (and here's a big but)

The other person has to be as happy and into it as we are. We really aren't just looking for a sex toy. People have feelings, and we aren't looking for anyone to get hurt, We just want to be enjoying ourselves with a like minded person.

I suppose that's the biggest thing. A like minded person. My husband has...wandered, on occasion, and as curious as I am about...whatever (I feel awful putting that in parentheses), I wantto be open about it.

We are married, no children, two chinchillas. We rent, not own. I think we're reasonably good looking. Ceratinly neither of us would give cause for wprry as far as looks are concerned. I'm disabled. I have spina bifida. I can walk fine,, but I struggle over any distance. Mostly I get on fine, though. My disability isn't something that defines me.

My husband is a good guy. He loves comics, movies, books. He's...I'll be honest, he's a bit lost. He's a very intelligent guy, but he won't do much with it. He says he's happy, though. He would rather work to live, than live to work. I wish I could do the same! I work for the local council, doing administrative work.

I don't think I'm selling our life much here, but we do have a LOT of fun. We are looking for someone to join in the fun, and be a friend as well as a lover. Probably more than a lover, really. But that's good too

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