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Old 09-13-2014, 04:31 PM
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Default Far from the Maddening Crowd - Couples/Single Parents- CentralPA/Vermont

Hello out there...

We are FMF poly tribe with 5 children between us interested in connecting with couples w/ children or single parents who are interested in LTRs and communal, rural living. We are sort of old-school hippies without the hair or the ganja, more anarchist/communists without the dogma, wild-eyed dreamers who are dialectical materialists and actually realize their dreams.

Females are 30 and 37, male is 53. All are HWP, very healthy, active and attractive. Our feral children range from 6-13. We unschool/homeschool and collectively parent. We operate our own architectural design and building cooperative that focuses on sustainable, one-off custom dwellings. We are educated but unschooled, artisans/craftworkers/ writers/artists who love their work. We like getting/being dirty but clean up well and are professional when we have to be.

We dwell in a rural landscape of own making, our own slice of Eden - far from the maddening crowd. Refugees from mainstream culture in all its flavors. The lifestyle spectacle holds very little interest for us and so are discrete. We are looking for other outcasts/refugees who find the dominate paradigm repulsive in all its forms and are looking for others to help create viable alternatives of sanity for ourselves and our children. These alternatives center around culture, creativity, communitas, buildings, subsistance agriculture. We are good with money but do not focus on it or measure things by it. We live a a life of abundance largely in the absence of money. We live in PA presently but are working in and planning to relocate to N. Vermont in the coming year.

About you. We tend to be more interested in what you are not then what you are but on the positve side: active, social, works with their minds and the hands, creative soul who like to play, can engage in informed discourse, synthesize ideas, take action, create artifact. Convivial. Need not be near perfect as we do well with troubled souls.

Generally, we don't do well with ass-sitters, corporate bots, bull shit artists or those that sit in front of screen all day and ass-book, game or blog. Definitely not interested in watching sports or TV in general.

On the practical side you should be late 20's and beyond, physically healthy, HWP, etc. Adventurous, open-minded, have some skills and resources and no debt for the most part. Exceptions would be made for a single mother struggling and needing a leg up into another kind of world .

The reason we perfer poly parents is because children are major aspect of our life and place unique demands that usually only parents can fully understand/appreciate/support. I know we are from another planet but perhaps there are other stranded aliens here as well.

PM us if you wish to open a conversation.
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