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Old 07-20-2011, 03:04 PM
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Default Guilty and Guilty2 here

Hi yall.
The wife (Guilty) and I have recently figured out that we seem to be more inclined to the poly lifestyle. This happened kinda by chance/accident.
We originally started out by deciding to try swinging. Guilty told me after 7 years together that she was curious about being with another woman. We talked about it for a while, and decided to try the swinging thing. After a bit of searching, we were contacted by a couple, A and S. We talked to them for a week or so, and finally met up one night. It was a most amazing night. Saw and did things I never thought I would!!!

Well, we all realized that first night, that there was more to all of us than just a casual meetup. It was not intended, but it just happened. A (female) and I had a connection almost instantly. As did Guilty and S, and Guilty and A. They even came over to our house the next day, which they said they never did. That was one of their rules. But the attraction and connection was so strong, that they and we could not ignore it. A and S have been swinging for about 2 years. This is the first time they ever had these kind of feelings involved.

So, after more talking and a few more meetups (non-sexual), we realized that we were all falling for each other. S and I are more like brothers. I love both women, as does S. A and S love Guilty. Guilty and A love me and S. A and Guilty love each other. One big poly group. Most of the time.

Best way I can describe us now, after reading some on here is that Guilty, S and I are very poly inclined, while A seems to be more poly with Guilty and me, and mono with S. A and I, and Guilty and S have only had one sexual encounter, while she and Guilty have had several, even a few just the two of them. The only time A and I, and Guilty and S have been sexually involved was the first night we all met. It was all of us in the same room. No seperate rooms. That was a rule of theirs at the time. So A has no problem being with Guilty alone, but she has issues being with me sexually and with S being with Guilty sexually. It is hard to handle sometimes.

She gets very possesive of him when he is home, and seems to not want to share him with Guilty. But, she gets angry at herself for having these feelings. (S is gone 3 weeks at a time, due to work. We all get together when he is home. That is the only time Guilty gets to see S. So time management is a very tricky, slippery slope here.) A gets jealous of any time that S and Guilty have while he is home. A knows she should not be this way, knowing how everyone feels. But she struggles with it. She will be completely ok for a week or so, but as time gets near for him to be coming home, the possessiveness starts to return. She will talk to us and post on FB things that seem like she either wants to push us away for a while since he is home, or that she has little feelings for Guilty and me during this time. It strains our overall relationship every time. This has been going on for 2 months.
A will talk about her issues and fears with us, including me. I have helped her a lot in dealing with things, cause I know how she operates. We are very similar in how we deal with things and deal with feelings. So I understand her better than the other two where her feeling are involved.
Seems like she takes a couple steps forward while he is away, then three steps back when he is about to be home, or is home. It has us at our wits end at times.
We try like hell to stick with this, and them cause we love them so much, and A is trying. But it is difficult to say the least at times.

anyway, that is a bit about our situation at present.
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