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Old 06-02-2011, 05:02 AM
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Default tease

You enjoy this, don't you?
You like to tease, I understand.
Well, if it makes you happy,
ain't that just grand?

But it's a double-edged sword,
slicing up the flesh of my hands

to see you everywhere
and there's nothing I can say...
because this tape you've sealed over my lips
won't tear itself away.

And I can't reach up
and just rip it off
and break the rule
that was made for you.

I'm doing my best
with my bargaining chips
but with every hint of you,
the glue from the tape
is irritating my lips.

And they have already been burning
from staying silent for so long.
So while I get where the tease
might be good for you?
From my point of view,
with my bleeding hands and sealed lips,
it's just wrong.

The worst kind of torture,
unfair and unkind.
I don't understand why
it's communication you mind.

And my frustration's grown
to a critical mass
from being bound and gagged,
forced to sit on my ass
and say nothing
while you dangle your carrot
in front of my nose -

But this is all harmless, right?
No offense meant I suppose.

You like to tease.
You enjoy this, I understand.
Well, if it makes you happy
ain't that just grand.
Born This Way
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