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Old 01-12-2018, 03:20 PM
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Default My Poly Journey So Far

Hello. My name is Jet and this is my story so far.

I was introduced to the idea of Poly when I was 13. A friend at school invited me to hers and I met her parents and their partners, they explained what Poly was and I innocently blurted out 'I don't have a partner!' they found it highly hilarious and answered questions.

Flash forward to when I was 16, I had a boyfriend and a girlfriend, I think I was in a V (they both dated me but had nothing to do with one another, except friendship) please correct me if I am wrong. I broke up with the girlfriend after a row turned violent on her behalf and stayed with the boyfriend. We split due to him moving to another country with his parents. I then went on to lose my virginity to my boyfriends best friend after we split, but had no relationship with him.

I had a couple of monogamous partners, but they didn't work for me at all, and then I got with a partner who introduced me to Poly at the age of 18, but neglected to tell me he was seeing anyone else (in reality he had six women on the go at once) until after I fell pregnant. I instantly ditched him and he doesn't have anything to do with his son because I didn't want to continue sleeping with him.

I then got with a BDSM partner who I wanted to be Poly with, but they didn't quite understand what I wanted (even if I was expressively telling them what I wanted) and kept playing behind my back with people, he then broke things off by ignoring me for two months then asking for sex, to which I dumped his ass.

I got with my now Fiancee shortly after that relationship and we've been together for nearly seven years. We have a poly, platonic, non sexual relationship.

I had a BDSM 'partner' for nearly two years, that relationship ended back last year before the summer, and it was very toxic for me. (He was a uni student and down here studying) He refused to tell anyone about me, only came to two Munches (Kink meet ups in a bar) and two play events but refused to play with me in public, wouldn't let me comment or like any of his posts on FB and would text me saying 'stop people are asking questions' if I posted on his wall, I couldn't be open with him and I have come to realise he used me as an ego boost, to grow his self confidence and for sex. I came to truly love him and it took nearly a year to finally let him go, I know he isn't coming back to me, and I am fine with that now.

Two days into the new year, I put up a post on FB about being ready to find an additional partner. And I have found two additional partners. They are a married couple and I have entered into a triad with them.

So yeah, that is my story, sorry for the rambling.
Jet-bisexual, poly. Mother of 1. (Not with the father)
K-asexual, poly. Fiancee of Jet. Non Sexual Partner of Jet.
T-bisexual, poly. Married to J. Sexual Partner of Jet.
J-bisexual, poly. Married to T. Sexual Partner of Jet.

Jet, T and J are in a Triad.
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