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Old 04-25-2014, 04:24 AM
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Default Is it weird to not like sugar?~

Is it weird to not like sugar?~

When I say "sugar", I mean "artificially processed sugar".~

The problem I have with modern Humans' version of "sugar" is that it has gone through a factory where machines have refined it so much that one tablespoon is super concentrated and packed with so much (typically) sugar-cane that it is far too much for 1 Human body to process, part of it is absorbed as nutrients and the excess gets flushed out of the body.~

As with any nutrient, too much can be harmful to health, such as excess calcium can cause kidney-stones, so does excess sugar-cane in this highly refined and concentrated form bombards the body causing tooth decay by staying coated on and in-between the teeth and all manner of other problems.~

It's like eating 1,000 sugar-cane plants in 1 tablespoon, and modern Human society often puts far more than this into nearly every thing edible!~

The opposite is also true: natural sugar like the kind found by simply eating an apple can actually reverse tooth decay and has many health benefits.~

I found that by switching to a healthier diet for my military training in the past has led me to dislike consuming any thing with this kind of "sugar" in it, it leaves a disgusting aftertaste in my mouth, if I eat more than a little of it I fail to literally taste the entire food or drink at all any longer, and I feel very sluggish and overall nauseas afterwards.~

I also love having healthy teeth with a healthy mouth and I find if I eat healthy and more natural things I don't need to brush my teeth as often - this is great for me since I dislike "every day" kind of "routines".~

Am I weird and is this weird in today's modern society of "chug as much sugar into every thing as possible"?~
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Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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Old 04-25-2014, 06:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
Am I weird and is this weird in today's modern society of "chug as much sugar into every thing as possible"?~
I think this is an overly simplistic view on the issue.

I don't eat much processed sugar. On occasion, I really really want a Coke (and I mean a Coke, not a cola/Pepsi/whatever). I had some health problems a few years ago and the first thing I could actually consume without puking it back up was Coke. So, I now associate it with a calm stomach and much needed calories when I'm sick. After going 2 months without eating a few years ago, that comfort blanket isn't going anywhere any time soon.

HOWEVER, that's pretty much the only processed sugar I consume. The occasional muffin or something like that, but when I bake myself I use fruit and honey to sweeten things instead of processed stuff. Hubby and Boy both prefer my baked goods - unless they're craving something specific - and everyone I work with has really enjoyed them.

I don't think it's weird to appreciate natural sweeteners and flavors, however I think it is weird to take the time to learn how to use them in everyday life. Processed sugar is damn convenient, and a lot of people don't have the time to educate themselves about alternatives. A lot of people also don't feel comfortable preparing their own food (whether it's because they're not good at it or because they don't enjoy it or because they work 90 hours a week). So, you take what you can get then you get used to it then things don't taste/feel right when it's more natural. Weird or normal, who's to say? There are so many factors that it's hard to get an idea of what people are naturally inclined to enjoy.
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Old 04-27-2014, 05:28 PM
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I have a friend who swears that cutting processed sugar out of her diet entirely cured her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

That being said - I, personally, don't have much of a sweet tooth and I don't particularly like most "sweets" (cookies, candy, cake, ice cream, chocolate). I find that most pre-made stuff is so sickening sweet that I can't even taste anything other than the sugar. When I bake I experiment to find the minimum amount of sweetener that accomplishes the job (usually 1/3 to 1/2 of the amount the recipe calls for) and tend to use "Sugar in the Raw" for at least 1/2 of that amount.

Now SALT on the other hand...oh my - salt, vinegar, pickles, olives, capers...can't get enough! (Hello, Hypertension!)

Everyone's body is different...
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Old 05-05-2014, 09:47 PM
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Nothing weird about it at all. It's a sign that your body is becoming healthier and your tastes are following suit. If you went further and gave up processed foods altogether, you'd be even more shocked at how your tastes in food change.

We eat (~95% of the time) a very streamlined whole-food Paleo-style diet with no processed food, grains, starches, etc. Within the first few weeks, even the sight of fast-food signs became disgusting.

One thing to note, if you're avoiding sweeteners you might want to start reading the labels on your food. High fructose corn syrup is added to almost every bit of processed food on your grocer's shelves, even the products one might not normally associate with overt "sweetness."
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Old 06-17-2014, 10:32 PM
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I hate sugar. I Live in an area where people live off of sweet tea and mountain dew. I just can't stand that stuff. People freak out when I take my tea unsweetened or my coffee black & unsweetened.

I try not to eat processed food or foods high in sugars. I've cut soda out a few years ago and I don't miss it.
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