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Old 04-26-2014, 10:02 PM
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This is tough stuff that you're going through. The drop in your sex drive and your mild disgust are worrying symptoms.

I wonder if you are still feeling the strain of your house move and the difficulties you had with flooding over the winter. I find moving stressful and it can take me about a year to feel okay again after a move - maybe this is playing into your feelings?

I wonder also if you grieve over hopes for the future not happening. Maybe you'd hoped that by moving closer, you and Ginger could merge your lives more while he felt that having you closer meant less effort in travelling and more effort he could spend dating? Sounds like he is a man who enjoys adventure and variety in his life.

You've written also about how hard you found the news that a man you'd dated had attempted suicide. You wrote, I think, that you stopped dating around that time. I wonder if that has contributed to your need for stability in your life.

If these things may be playing a part in how horrible you are feeling, I'd guess that putting boundaries in place around how often you speak to Ginger about his dating and how much information he shares with you is a good idea. Hopefully it'll take the strain from you and allow you to feel more like yourself again. Limiting how much you see him might help also.

You need stability. If Ginger needs variety, then I think a good way to deal with it is to put good boundaries in place so that you can have what you need and Ginger can have what he needs.

I'm sure that you guys will work it out. You are so good together.

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