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Old 07-06-2014, 04:39 AM
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I understand that you're searching for a thing that will make it all click, and let you understand your feelings, so you can get past this place of feeling unhappy.

First, I'll just say, it's taken me some hard work on therapy to even get to where I can start answering that question for myself, so it's no small task.

Second, I'll recommend that you take some time to examine one thing you said at the start of this thread-- that you and your partner were involved with a series of women who all turned out to be crazy.

As a mental exercise, imagine this-- what was it drove all of them? Why did they have their feelings, and take the actions they took? What if, just for this, they were all rational creatures. What was it about you that frustrated them?

In the end, I think that what you're trying to figure out is going to take some heavy introspection. Why do you act crazy sometimes? Why do you express your feelings in any way other than saying "hey y'all, I'm feeling X"? I don't mean to sound like I'm saying anything bad about you-- except that you're human, and humans are all irrational sometimes.

And to offer a little more concrete advice-- it sounds like the pregnancy just marked the end of the honeymoon period. She was no longer this idealized version of a girlfriend-- she was her own complicated person, with her own internal life and priorities, and you had to start dealing with her as a real person. The shiny had worn off. It sucks, but it's inevitable in every relationship.
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