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Old 07-11-2012, 05:18 PM
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I've been off the boards for nearly a year. But, spent a great deal of time posting for a couple years prior to that.

As I understand it-there IS a place where common topics/helpful threads are located. Its the golden nuggets section. I know a few of my previous threads got moved there for that precise reason.

Also, there was much discussion a few years back over segregating the boards somewhat so that there were specific areas for "newbies" and such. Changes were made and it was sectioned out more than it had been previously. That was how we got the "general poly discussions", the blog section and the intro section. It didn't used to be segregated even that much.

I do think one thing that would help greatly is if there was a "catch all" guide (maybe there is, my computer auto logs me in these days) in intro-that said, "hey, this section is for this or that and there's useful guide info threads in the golden nuggets"...
but, it really comes down to dealing with the fact that people differ in their ideas of what is or isn't polite and in their typing abilities. Someone's difficulty typing can easily be misinterpreted as being caustic or "short" with someone else-when really it's just that they struggle to type out their thoughts.
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