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Old 11-12-2010, 07:43 AM
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Exclamation Thunder's big problem need opinions and help please...

Lately I've Had this issue with my, Girls/Guys. They seem to think I have no reasons to get mad at them for some stuff I see as a slap in a face or something of a matter. I don't know if they see what they do all the time. It's not all 6 of them it is just 4 that seem to do it. I get annoyed first off cause one of them will ask if I want to go do something with them that usually costs money... I'm usually more broke then all of them so I guess they just assume I have no money or w/e. I understand that no one always wants to pay for me for stuff as well as I would not want them to cause it feels like I'm just a burden. But lately they have this thing of asking me if I want to do something and then 10 min later when I decide ok ill go one of them will be like well d you have money or make something else to say up to make it seem like they really don't want me to go with them. So it feels like I'm just their annoyance that at last second they want to ditch me for w/e reason. But thats only one of the issues I need some opinions on it if possible... Haven't really thought out the other issues fully yet so I may just post again later.
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