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Old 12-28-2013, 04:31 PM
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Default Pen's Blog

Uhh. Exciting title, I know.

So, I'm Pen! I'm a transguy (have a vagina, is a man) and my partners are both transwomen (have penis, are women). If at any point anyone has questions about trans stuff, just ask. I know it can get confusing.

I met my first partner at a nerd convention. She'd been recovering from a bad breakup and was in pretty terrible shape. I live in a different state and was going through some rough times myself. We talked, exchanged contact info, and got really flirty at the convention. My boyfriend at the time (now ex) was not happy with me when I got back. I told him starting out I was't really comfortable with men and was poly. Apparently it was only okay until I actually started liking someone else. >_< We broke up, and I moved to where she was. We ended up homeless. After about 2 weeks of living out of a car and not being able to find anything affordable in the area, a friend of mine from where I lived offered a place. It was where I'd been living before. We both moved there.
After a few months living here, I asked her to marry me. <3

While all that was happening, an ex of mine (we'd broken up due to distance) started talking to me a lot more than usual. My fiancee talked to them too. Eventually I asked if she wouldn't mind being our girlfriend, and that's about where I am now!

So uh that's about it for a sorta blog introduction. I'll be using the names "Cassie" for my fiancee and "Jessica" for my girlfriend. Not real names obviously. I'm not ashamed about being poly, but I am worried about various e-stalkers.

I'll probably update this every few days with updates! Right now, I'm looking for a job along with Cassie and Jessica is finishing up some medical training so she can get here. She'll be visiting in a few months though!
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Old 01-01-2014, 01:33 AM
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Small update: Cassie and I are going to wait until we transition and Jessica is here to get married. This is so our marriage isn't "accidentally" illegal (like one of us has male on their birth certificate and the other has male). since we can't do it at exactly the same time, I figure that's the safest bet.
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