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Old 04-18-2014, 08:16 AM
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Default My Poly journey

Just thought I would start a blog post to have somewhere to keep my thoughts and feelings.

I am married(have been for 8 years), 30 and female. I do wonder if this is something that my inner self has been trying to tell me for a long time , but not knowing any "normal" people living like this meant that it was never anything I considered until recently.

I am bisexual, I have known since about 15 yrs old and was "out" soon after, but never dated any women, as I felt society pushed you to be straight or gay, bisexual was a cop out. I had a physical experience with a girl at 17, but that's all it was. I met my husband at 19 and other than a drunken fumble with a friend at 21 , my feelings went un-dealt with.

It has been niggling away at me until this year my husband and I talked about it. At first we thought a threesome would be the best thing, but I quickly decided this isn't what I truly wanted, I wanted a girlfriend.

I found a forum for bisexual women and found that a lot of married or committed women there were polyamorous , having girlfriends as well as their male husbands/partners. I brought this subject up to my husband and although he was/is a bit nervous, he wants to make me happy and really wants to give it a go. At the moment he is not interested in dating anyone else, but I would be happy if he did want to, although I feel if he wanted to do anything it would be more polysexual rather than polyamory

At the moment I have a girl who I met through this bisexual womens forum that I like, and think she likes me, and we are emailing, and hoping to meet up for our first date in the next few weeks, and I am excited , but nervous about what the future holds.

My *dream* for the future would be a closed V or potentially triad with my me, my husband and a woman I/we love. It would be amazing for us to all live together. not sure that will ever be realised, but it is early days
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