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Old 11-05-2009, 07:44 PM
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Default reasonable or control freak?

My partner is planning to spend time with someone new, which is fine. I have several requests for her and I wondering if I could get some input as to whether or not these are reasonable things to ask for:

I would like for her to be home no later than (still thinking)...
I would like to know when she will be home and I would like for her to come home at that time...
I would not like for her to call and ask me if I mind her staying out later...

Are these requests reasonable? Do I need to have a good reason as to why I am asking for these things? Is it important that I share my reasons (of course, I will tell her if she asks)?

The first two are things that I ask for when she goes out with friends, though I am usually very flexible. I'm not sure why it feels so different to ask for these things now.

These are definitely requests... not tells or ultimatums. I am willing to discuss them further if she doesn't feel like she these are requests she can honor, though I don't know whether or not I'll feel any differently.

Any thoughts?


PS. Out of curiosity, do you think the reason for making a request affects whether or not it is reasonable? Are there some requests that are always reasonable and always unreasonable?
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