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Old 03-28-2013, 01:27 AM
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Default the big talk, the beginning of a poly relationship

I have been in a relationship with my fiance (JS) for 3 years now and recently his best friend (JM) that moved away a year or so before i met JS moved back. They had been best friends since young childhood and are extremely close. It honestly makes butterflies rise up in my stomach with how happy i feel when i'm with them together. Their bond with each other is nothing short of beautiful. I love my fiance to death, without him i have no clue what i'd do. But this friend that just moved back here out of the blue has stolen a piece of my heart already and he's only been here a short time. There are bonds so completely different than the bonds i have with my fiance and i love it. He pacifies me and JS when we argue and he's such a gentleman. He's good at things JS isn't and JS has good qualties that JM doesn't and they fit together so perfectly. And they both feel the same about me. So i was on this site all last night (and a few others) learning, preparing to bring it up to my fiance and his best friend (JM) well i talked to them both and they are willing to try it. We are going to sit down and discuss everything soon and i'm terrified. i'm not sure what they expect or what i want and i'd love some pointers on successful relationships and how they were so successful and questions i should ask and demands i might should make..... honestly any advice would be amazing. nothing has ever felt so right and exciting yet so scary at the same time!
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