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Old 11-19-2011, 07:36 AM
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Question Confused

Well I'm new to this whole lifestyle and still consider myself mono. My BF is poly and confused and confusing me. He and I are PP. He would have sex based interactions with numerous women and this never bothered me, but he started having another girlfriend and didn't tell me about it for weeks..because it was "just a natural progression".
Uhhh I'm worried how the total honesty we have falls by the wayside when S came along. S is poly and he brings this up often. I'm learning how to cope with the poly relationship as best I can but I'm never going to have her experience.
He is also very jealous of my friendships with my exes, and expresses his displeasure of me dating anyone else (I don't really have any desire to but disagree with the hypocriticalness ) all the while he states "I only want you to be happy"
He says many things that are at odds with his actions. He wants me to meet S and at the same time says it would be too hard since she's so intimidated by me. I don't know that I can be comfortable meeting her...I don't respect her for many reasons (drug user, car-less, unemployed not looking for work, mom happy to be on welfare) besides the fact that she's his GF lol.

Any advice? Should I take the risk and meet her? I don't want to make it any worse or any ultimatums and I think that asking to be his only "relationship" when he can have sex with anyone else is not even near the table.
I think I might just back off and see how I feel without him confusing my head. I think what bothers me the most is him expressing his feeling of desire to have 2 GF so if he effed up one relationship he's have another. I don't like feeling like he has an escape or backup plan while I face the emotional risk by myself. Is this out of line? or typical for a poly? Thanks for any light y'all can shine on my situation.
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