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Old 01-14-2010, 06:24 AM
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Hi all,

It's nice to see this forum. I've always considered myself to quite monogamous as I tend to fall fast, hard and heavy in love and become very emotionally involved with someone.

I've been married for 19 years to a very sweet woman and though we've had some rough years (she had problems with alcohol in the past), overall our marriage has been fine and if you use a bit of a loose definition, I've never physically "cheated" on my wife.

Though I have at least a few times had my attentions and emotions wander during periods when we had difficulties at home and in one case, I practically had an on-line girlfriend for about a year and a half.

To keep the story short, we wanted to meet but with me being married it seemed like there was no possible "happy ending" until she offered to come live with us ... that really caught my attention and over a period of quite a few months I tried to get my wife to consider it. At first she was hurt, but over time the two of them talked as well and became rather friendly.

In the end we went to see her and ... it was one of the best "vacations" in my entire life! They got along quite well and I was allmost the most uncomforable one there. It was more or less just a platonic visit but it became obvious that neither my wife nor her were particularly against more having ocurred, but I really wanted to retain a platonic relationship for a while.

I'll skip a lot of details, but things didn't quite work out for a few reasons though largely (and sadly) over a misunderstanding that hurt feelings, but this was 8 years ago and I've had another couple incidents where I was strongly attracted to someone, though I've tried not to get "sucked in" by the emotions, though I began to realize that this was and has been how I am and though my wife is very nice, I married her to settle down and have a family and she had never been someone I was head over heels for (I gave up on dating after losing a couple women like that).

Anyway, I've come to recognize that the best things in life are being with someone you love and building that closeness and intimacy and it's something beautiful enough that I can't keep letting it pass by. My wife has become open to allowing someone else into our relationship and I've begun really looking for that "special someone" ... or trying to recapture the muse that got away

Maybe I'll never find her, but I know I've got to give it my best shot or I'll end up 60 years old and regretting it ...

I guess that's my "story". Glad to see a site like this and I'll explore around the forum more.

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