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Old 07-17-2011, 11:55 PM
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Default Hello:)

I am a 40 yr old Bi female. I have a wonderful 20 yr old son that i have independently raised since he was 3. He has been my only family unit, biological or chosen.

Let me start with the reasons behind the issues that become such an important part of how I have journeyed through my relationship experiences.

my father, a non-denominational christian preacher, told me to leave his home when i was 12 yrs old (issue 1 and the biggest...Abandonment). I have contacted him once and was not received. He had caught a friend (girl) and myself "playing" and had a meltdown. I was a sinner..abomination..blah blah blah. (issue 2..Shame of myself)

So, abandonment due to the fact that I didn't act and be who and what he wanted me to act and be. (becoming the catalyst upon which I walked (sometimes ran) down the paths of most of my relationships)

That being said, hopefully there will be a better understanding of the mistakes I have made in my journey through life and relationships.

Since this is an introduction thread, I am going to sum this up with the following:
I have been the hinge in two different "V" relationships.
I have been the gf in what I thought was a poly marriage but turned out to be "justa swingin"
I have not been faithful in any monogamous relationship (let me explain)
I have always "laid my cards out on the table" in the beginning
They seem to accept me for who I am until it becomes reality. Then they want monogamy with tons of unhealthy jealousy to go with it. I then find myself cheating to avoid the drama (I know its not right)

Please feel free to comment on my intro..good or bad!
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