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Old 09-22-2013, 08:00 PM
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Default there will never be one shared view of anything

in any sort of a universal way among any group, of any demographic, and most instances of when it appears that there is, it's likely that people are simply choosing not to speak up

It really has nothing to do with the differences, and everything to do with respect

It has little to do with legitimate misunderstandings as that implies trhe confusion is unintentional. It's better described as opposition which is too stubborn to survive without respect

The problem isn't opposite opinions between purists and new agers, it's that anytime whatever dynamic is being discussed the opposing view cannot let the other side be mentioned without a negative connotation that amounts to the words not being true within the context

For a community, any community to have such divisions and remain intact, it requires voluntary respect, which means open and honest communication free from passive aggression and other behaviors that essentially disrespect others without directly saying or doing so and esp when such is denied

And either way, whether people can or cannot behave respectfully doesn't really matter so long as the issue is dealt with. Either there is voluntary respect or people can choose to leave

the most damage is done when people do neither, that is they cannot maintain a level of respect for opposing views but don't branch off

Luckily, the phenomena is much more prevalent online and less so in real life.

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