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Old 08-30-2012, 03:24 PM
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I contracted it the first time I was ever unprotected my freshman year of college.

When I first contracted it, I had some concerning cervical cell dysplasia, and my doctor was having me come in every three months for a pap to keep an eye on it. About a year in, I tested clean for HPV. My current fiance and I were dating at the time and chose to stop using condoms at that clear test.

My next test came up positive for it again though. Since my fiance and I had been having unprotected sex, we didn't see much point in starting up condom use again (although I know that regular condom use can shorten the time it takes a young couple to clear the virus). I have had some mild dysplasia since, so I still go to the lady doctor every six months. My last test was HPV negative but I still had dysplasia, so chances are it is still there. I have my next test in a few weeks and I'm hoping for the best.

I am strongly urging my fiance to get Gardasil (since it covers more than just the strain I have and if we are poly I really want to be safe, AND since I guess a study was released showing that even in people who had contracted it already, Gardasil reduced their rate of transmission to others). I have had Gardasil and my boyfriend is currently two shots in. I'm hoping my fiance gets in there to get it done soon because he is two years older than me and starting to push that time for insurance coverage.

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