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Old 01-14-2013, 03:42 AM
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Just to try and clarify, religious polygamy causes a negative reaction on the whole because of all the issues that go along with it. (Lack of choice for the women, underage wives, cults, ect.) But when it comes to the sister-wife idea, people (in my experience) will be more accepting of that situation than if a woman has two husbands. The man is seen in one light and the woman in another.

I'm a stay at home mom, it was something that my husband and I decided on collectively when our oldest was born. Twelve years ago I used to have women kind of look down on me because I made that choice and I, sometimes, felt like it was more accepted for me to keep working and have my kid in day care than to do that job myself and help my husband up the career ladder.

One of our cousins was a stay at home dad. He had other people (men and women) look down on him because he wasn't fulfilling the 'typical' role of a husband. It didn't seem to matter that their choice made perfect sense at the time, it was just hard for people to wrap their heads around the situation.

Viewpoints are changing and I don't see the same kind of attitude towards the stay at home spouse that was there a decade ago. That goes for a lot of issues though.

Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
To be quite clear - I do not disagree with you at all. BUT when I see a situation that fits a "religious polygamy" model my gut instinct is to MAKE SURE that the women have, in fact, chosen this for THEMSELVES. The same with women who choose to stay home and take care of kids/home/etc.

I'm just saying that, historically, women have not always been "given" that choice - it was made for them. So when I see a model where there could be coercion - I question it. I'm not questioning THEIR choice, I question whether it WAS a choice.

For the record: My husband chooses to stay home, take care of the house, shop and make dinner and let me make all of the financial decisions. Nobody, or very few, would think that he does this through anything but his own choosing - because there is not the historical precedent of forcing men into that "role".

Humanism means that people have a right to choose how to live their lives.

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