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Old 11-24-2012, 06:50 PM
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Unhappy STILL feeling neglected and jealous...not sure what to do now.

Hi again all. A little background...me and hubby married 12 years. "Opened" our marriage this summer for various reasons. I am truly monogamous...guilty of serial monogamy. He is the one with the girlfriend. She recently admitted she is in love with him, but he is not with her...yet. Though i think he is and just doesnt know it. I recently voiced my frustrations with feeling neglected...pushed aside...and unimportant lately. She wants to spend every minute she can with him. And usually spends all day with him when im at work. And then all evening. I have stated that i would like some time with him also but have yet to get it. If i want time...i have to share it. And frankly im tired of it. He is MY husband. I am the one who has sacrificed more than my share in my relationship. Im the one who has to suffer bad times as well as good.
My question is...since i have repeatedly asked that we have time alone...and neither one seems to honor that...and i have repeatedly stated my frustration with felling pushed aside and neglected...what are some steps i can take to get myself through this. I feel very alone. And cant talk to friends/family. Its harder and harder to deal with the jealousy and negative feelings i have toward all of this. Leaving is not an option. I wouldnt consider it anyway. I just want help with getting through these feelings. And since i feel so ignored and disrespected it makes it harder. I am truly alone on this...except for u guys. Thanx for advice and thoughts.
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