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Old 05-02-2009, 04:51 AM
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Default psst over here.

Im making it a point not to just start talking or barging in and making my presence known better this time.
Ive never been married. I am someone who would have been a great mom and monogamous lover forever and ever etc.. but I was very misfortunate with men and sooo I have evolved to this point and beyond and i am very fortunate i think. I would never ever understood what this fringe is otherwise. Well, from this perspective all I can say is there may never be a going back.
Or maybe I am still monagamous but that seems so old fashioned to me now. Why am i worshipping this one person? How am I not faithful if im telling the truth It just goes on. I have just stated on this journey with two, boys. I wont call them men even though they are in there 30's . They are both Aquarius so they can handle this sort of exploration without their egos choking them at the very least. I may embark on being with a man soon..Awesome. Im Pisces everbody.
Anywho, im am a very progressive and mutable person who is trying to walk around naked without feeling self conscious. I dont want to be aware of myself cuz its not fun. Cant do or act in a preferable manner if im worried about what i look like. and yet luckily for me im attractive without makeup yet still so at least I am not that offensive. If i were fat or something I would not want to walk around naked until I was in shape. I think nudists need to keep the aesthetic sensibilities of others in mind. I guess this is where my open mind ceases to function. a good talk might cure this for me.
Anyone care to give me a piece of their mind?
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