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Old Yesterday, 05:24 PM
WhatToDo WhatToDo is online now
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I would be the same as S2. I rarely initiate contact but when she does I'll "talk" her ear off. It makes my day hearing from her but there is a part of me that feels like I would be bothering her if I texted her. She has assured me time and time again that that isn't the case but I j have a hard time getting past that feeling. Mine isn't a new relationship either so he may just be the type that will always wait for you to contact him.
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Old Yesterday, 11:08 PM
KC43 KC43 is offline
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Thanks for your insight, WhatToDo. I don't think he's so much worried about bothering me; it's more that it just doesn't occur to him to reach out--to anyone, I think, not just me--unless he has something specific to tell them. Now that I understand that, it makes it easier to accept, because I know it isn't anything about me or our relationship, it's just part of him.

When I do text him, sometimes it's a brief exchange of two or three messages, but other times he'll text back and forth with me for an hour or two.
Me: 44, cis-het female, poly
Hubby: my husband, 42, monogamous
S2: my "attachment", male, 44, undetermined
Best Friend: male, 38, platonic; the one who keeps me sane through all this!
My daughters: Alt (age 19) and Country (age 16)
S2's sons: Spikes (age 9) and Beads (age 6)
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