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Old 06-11-2012, 12:56 PM
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Ah, money woes. Carob hates his job, has done for all the time I've known him. It just makes ends meet for him, he can't really save on it.

One thing I forgot when moving here to be with S (and taking time off my job back home) was what this would mean about me being able to support Carob financially. I'm totally out of currency in my home country, like, bottom of the barrel skint. So when C is stressing about money I can't spot him any cash to tide him over.

And also.. not sure when we'll next get to see each other. I'm already borrowing some cash off Sugar to travel in Aug & Sept (road trip with a friend through the States! then sailing back from Vanuatu to my home city! So will see C then at least, but... I would love to make it before that)

Currently scraping together a bit of cash with flexible work but my personal focus at the moment is to advance various creative projects of mine. I don't usually get as much freedom to do this as I have at the moment and it's very good. I kind of want to make the most of it.

Been helping C with his CV. His current plan is to find better work in our home city... hope he manages to do that. But if not, I'm going to suggest he look for work here. S & I may be based here til April next year, or (who knows) maybe longer. Don't expect to be but it's really hard to tell how things will unfold.

Haven't had much chance to chat with Ella. Skype'd once last week and chatted on the weekend. Talked with her a wee bit today, but then she said "I heard from C that you're coming here before your trip?" (That's not our current plan; it's C's turn to visit this time and I'm hoping he'll come here cos I'd rather stay here til I leave rather than detour before my travels. Our fall-back plan is that I try visit him on the way overseas)

This was a bit triggering for me, I felt like he'd decided he wasn't going to come see me and hadn't told me about it. I guess I'm more sensitive about these things from a distance. Nigh impossible to get the dynamics between the three of us (Carob, Ella and I) feeling good without physically being there in person.

Luckily I was chatting with Carob soon afterwards and I brought this up. He said "bub, I want to visit but I just don't know if I can afford it". He's really stressed and upset about money things right now, poor dude. Yeah, wish I could help him more. This is something I'd love to work on for the future. Sugar & I have a good thing going on, we share finances and have really similar goals and values in terms of communal living and earning. Not sure how into all that C feels... in a fairly informal way we have supported each other but it hasn't been fully intertwined yet the way it is with S and me.

In other news, Sugar and I going to local poly group discussion thing tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
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