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Old 10-09-2013, 11:54 PM
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Dagferi, I love stats as much as the next person, and 9 out of 65 is still a pretty respectable percentage. It's obvious, from everything that gets written about triads, that they require a certain amount of work, and that the details of that work are what matters - not to the outside world, but to the participants themselves. To slam triads with blanket statements and sarcasm, while ignoring the subtleties of each situation, doesn't help the listener, and sure isn't doing justice to what the speaker probably wishes to say.

Could you find a way of asking and inquiring, as opposed to attacking and injuring? It seems that triads are different from the norm, in poly-land, but slagging on them doesn't really help anyone. Ridicule is heaped on the unicorn hunters, sure, but what meaningful and helpful advice could you give those who stumble into these situations? What might help that world of three couples among three people, perhaps a triad in addition, and where they might be headed?

For the OP, that's what I'd ask. What kind of insights are you looking for? What are the details that matter, right now? What are you thinking about, happy about, worried about? Success lies in mastering the details - what are you thinking is the most important thing going on, right now?
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