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Old 02-02-2015, 03:26 AM
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Default Meshing men

I have helped a number of women over my life have multiple men and later add a woman or two to the mix.

Looking back and then looking inward, I want to offer a few ideas.

First, when men bring other men to the relationship, there tends to be far fewer problems. I will add a story here: many years ago, I had a gf who i "forced" to have sex with other guys (me, big bad Dom) and one day there was a guy really interested in her, she in him and he intimidated by me. So they met alone, she was supposed to come over later, never came and I tossed and turned sure they were having the perfect *****.

Some days later, I asked her if we were breaking up (I would leave me if I knew how) and after a quick discussion, she explained he was horrible at dinner and worse in bed and she was so depressed she did not want to bring that to me.

A few weeks later, she and I are in bed with another guy, she is having an amazing time, looking with love at him, and I am not worried.

I have noticed when a woman goes out and finds her guy that guy is HERS and the guy thinks She is HIS. Whereas, if the husband-lover brings the guy, she thinks the guy is an extension of you and the guy thinks she is a gift from you.

Same on the opposite side.

Back to two guys. I find that guys who are old friends and play sports together might be the ideal for a woman looking for two. They come with a good friendship intact and this is just one more thing they share.

Just some thoughts

a psycho psychotherapist,
neuromuscular specialist,
former professional masseur,
experienced cuckolder
empathic dominant.
Totally swave & deboner
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