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Old 07-25-2017, 10:02 AM
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Default Serious search for a sister wife, single or part of a couple

Hi everyone,

We are L and D. L (the male half) is naturally polygynous and I D(the female half) have no experience with a poly relationship but I do know that L deserves what is natural for him and I really do want a sister and friend.

We have been together for a year and met on Fetlife, so yes, L is naturally dominant but we are not BDSM fetish oriented. L explained to me from the beginning that what he requires is long term relationship and not casual sex.

We moved to SD and have met many girls who want to sleep with L but he isn't interested. I see what he's been talking about and I know these aren't the types of girls I want as friends. I'm not bisexual but I am curious so this isn't about having an intimate relationship with me. It could happen but that isn't the reason for this ad.

We love to travel, take road trips, and explore. L has lived around the world and is fairly nomadic and he has taken me on many adventures already. L wants to find a place and eventually homestead and get away from society in general due to the major changes in society and upcoming challenges we will all face.

I never would have imagined myself in a poly relationship, but L shows me everyday how a polygynous relationship isn't much different from a two person relationship. I submit to him and he guides me in everyday life.

I am not interested in being with another man so any couples who are interested have to understand that neither myself, or L will be intimate with another man. Finding genuine people who are looking for a long term relationship has been our biggest challenge. Everyone seems to want short term casual sex.

We moved here to establish ourselves and check out the area. We are free to relocate but would prefer anyone who gets involved with us to relocate here. First priority goes to anyone with a more free spirit who doesn't really care where they are, as long as we are all together.

I have challenges with anxiety and depression so being in nature makes me feel better. L doesn't like obnoxious people, drugs, crime, etc. so he has moved out of major cities and wants to stay away from that type of situation eventhough he loves NYC.

Let's talk seriously and see what happens. New friends are welcome as well. We have no problem sharing information about ourselves and honesty is on the top of the list if we interact.

Good luck to everyone in their search.
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