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Old 10-20-2017, 02:14 AM
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Default Poly Vignettes Sharing Success Happiness

Thank you everyone for the responses. You all really help give me some insight.

Let me clarify one thing. Group sex is something I have an interest in too. Were both sub, weve both expressed an interest in playing out some fantasies together.

But maybe, as some of you have suggested. This isnt necessarily the way to prepare myself for her seeing someone on her own.

I also think a few of you are right in that maybe Im trying to make too many decisions for her. Shes just such an amazing girl, so unbelievably caring, and loves me so much that I fear she would do anything for me, including sacrificing her own happiness. I care about her and I care about her compromising herself for me. I fear she does it far more than she lets on. But youre still right. She is an adult and a damn smart one too, dont F with a girl with a 200 IQ, she can make her own decisions. Its not that I dont trust her exactly the opposite, rather that we all do stupid things when were in love sometimes, often to our detriment and I couldnt help but worry that as her S/O maybe its my responsibility to help her from making a mistake. But its easy for me to worry too much and its easy for me to want to control too much, so youve probably got a point. =

Thank you all
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