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Old 01-04-2012, 03:40 AM
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Talking newly single 36yo male, seeking relationship with 2 women [SW Suburbs of Chicago]

Hello! I am 36, recently single, and eager to explore and cultivate a poly relationship with 2 women. FMF

About me:
Disclaimer: *** I am separated. Working on the divorce. It is definite, and thankfully, completely amicable. Hopefully it will be done soon, I am not going to leave her without medical insurance while she looks for a job. Of course, that doesn't help my situation.

Looking to meet someone nice (x2) and who knows where things may go...

I wrap my friends gifts in strange ways... in concrete, ice, on fire... approximately 20 varieties so far. Trying to think of other clever ways to surprise others!
I have owned 35 cars so far

(in addition to all of the cliche answers like moonlit walks under the stars...)


tea, juice, water, pepsi, wine, mixed drinks
filet mignon, sushi, italian, chinese, mexican, steak & potatoes, cookouts, smores,
cheesecake, ice cream, chocolate
I will try most foods.

fast european/exotic/rare/unique/luxury cars (shows, driving), cruising on my motorcycle, aircraft, technology, inventions, innovations, fixing things, being handy, starting small businesses, staying in shape.
movies, curling up on the couch, kissing, board games, card games, interesting/fun/optical-illusion photography (there is one i want to do that involves falling)

live music at small venues, plays, fine dining, walks, kissing, comedy clubs, dancing

boating, rafting, kayaking, bicycling (want to get a road bike), travel (want to see so much of the world), walks, kissing, travel/sight-seeing
want to go snowmobiling, x-country skiing


I can sew, I have done all kinds of projects around the house: roof, paint, trim, tile, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, etc...
I do all kinds of work on cars, I am good with computers, kissing, and I love to learn things.

financially secure (responsible spender, no cc debt), mayhem (he's funny), sarcasm and witty banter, recycling, kissing and working on the bucket list!


quiet at first (but watch out later!)
socially comfortable and adaptable to the situation at hand
socially aware
upbeat / optimistic / positive
like to make others smile

thinker / intellectual (there is always something on my mind) / well-educated
i find psychology and human behavior fascinating
common sense / analytical / foresightful / prepared / have a backup plan
ambitious / driven / motivated, small business starter
very handy - I can fix most things around the house or car or anywhere else.
stylish, neat, organized
conservative (I worked hard for what I have)
mischievous (who doesn't enjoy something silly or funny?), enjoy witty banter
healthy/active, non smoker, great hygiene
respectful, self-aware, emotionally there, genuinely caring (I am sure you have feelings too)
responsible, just / fair

organized, neat (can you tell by how I put my profile together? haha)
NOT a d-bag

in shape and want to be more shapey. haha
good hygiene
never had a cavity
naturally straight teeth
still have perfect vision
5'11", 180lbs, in good shape / fit, attractive

women who are: sweet, fit/thin, affectionate, outgoing, open-minded and have a good heart.

pictures on request. i have a yahoo account with the same id, so feel free to contact me there with questions or for pics.
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Old 01-04-2012, 08:08 PM
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Smile Happy new year!

I hope you find that new beginning!
because when everyone's needs are met, it's not much different and twice as happy
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Old 01-05-2012, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by polandrylady View Post
I hope you find that new beginning!
thank you! I hope so too!
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Old 04-22-2012, 01:57 AM
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Hi! I sent a private message, but I'm not sure it went through? When I check my sent items there is nothing there

Hope you got it! Let me know if you didn't, I will retype and send
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bisexual, chicago, ffm, illinois, women

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