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Old 01-07-2010, 02:13 AM
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Default It finally happened

At a party a girl id never seen before came up to me and P and started to make out with him. he gratiously accepted, while I just stood there feeling extreamly awkward not knowing what to do. I didnt get any warm fuzzies. I thought it was kind of rude actually and felt a little upset. of course we talked after and i made it clear that while he is free to makeout with anyone Id appreciate it if he didnt do it two inches away from me. Have you been in similar situations? I explained to him if it was someone I had met before or he was in a realtionship with, it would be likely i wouldnt feel so upset. I mean, they could have walked away, asked permission, or something.

Needless to say I survived the moment, P and I talked afterwards and decided we need to re-evaluate some boundries. He told me they met a few days ago.He didnt mention this to me and I told him so I felt better after that but still spent the rest of the night worried id run into them making out by accident which I knew would upset me.

When I told him I wanted to think things over than that we should really talk about what is working and what isnt working for me in terms of his behaviors, he got a sad look and asked me "are you trying to tell me you dont want to be with me anymore". I was shocked as I hadnt meant that at all.

The next day he told me he loves me, something he says he cant even tell his parents. I wonder if he said this out of fear, but it was still nice to hear.

Would you tell someone you love them just to keep them from leaving?
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