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Old 01-13-2011, 11:12 PM
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Default j, is now Jay.

Hello all,

I'm Jay.
29 years old, male.
I'm a lab technician and photographer.
And I love.

I was introduced on this forum as j, in Robin's story.
I'm Joyce's bf.
As I'm introduced as j, I'll stick to the name. Only a bit modified.

My intro might be a bit confusing to read, as I'm slightly dyslectic.
And there is the fact my life just did a vertical U turn.
And is now turned upside-down.

Most people here who say that here mean: eh, I I think I'm poly. Help.
Or: my partner has just gone poly. Help.

Well, being able to love several people at the same time was not a big surprise for me. That has always felt natural.
Being bi wasn't either. Even as a child I was very secure about my sexuality.
Some times it was a boy, other times it was a girl I fell in love with.
Never really cared for the shapes and sizes of wobbly bits, they're all fun to play with.

I'm married to c, my wife.
When I met her we found out we viewed love and gender the same way.
We have been married for 4 years.
Have 2 kids.
The relationship is 8 years old.
We worked to an open or poly relationship from day one.
It ended last Saturday. Not the poly thing, but the relationship with c ended.

3 years ago c and I lived in a triad for a year with a guy m.
That triad had a rough start and a violent ending.
The middle part was nice and happy.

5 months ago, Joyce and I discovered that the feelings we had for each other for years were mutual.
Robin and I had a long conversation in witch at the end I asked robin if I could ask Joyce if she would be my girlfriend.
If he said no, than that would be that.
He said yes.
So did Joyce.
c was happy for me. As she knew how I felt for Joyce.

On hindsight, perhaps I wasn't clear enough to Robin about what I was asking.
I thought I was though.
Second, Joyce and I took things to fast for Robin to be comfortable with.
So we're taking things slow at the moment.

I hope things will work out fine. For everyone.

I have already read a whole bunch of threads and got to know you all for a small bit.
It's nice to meet you all.

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