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Old 01-05-2010, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by ImaginaryIllusion View Post
I'd suggest those without children go back and re-examine this line of thought if and when you have children. You might find the decisions you will be willing to make will be drastically different that those made as a non-parent/guardian.
I love a "suggestion" like this. The assumption that I would make the same decisions as the ones stated here in the same situation therefore I should re-examine my current stance is an argument lacking any sort of logic and ignoring a myriad of variables. It is quite an arrogant view to think everyone would act like you in the same situation.

Just taking a gander at the women in my family and the history and approach to dealing with adversity... I think not.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I have to call this out because this line of thought often sits beneath a lot of misunderstandings. People who don't have children are perfectly capable of understanding the implications, obligations and challenges having a child brings to any dynamic. We may not understand what the actual experience feels like, but we can certainly get a good idea.

I've had poly friends raise their children in open sex positive environments while directly addressing the prejudice attached to such. I've had poly friends raise their children in such a way as to protect themselves and their children from such prejudices. Both choices are valid and both choices carry their own consequence.

But really, it's a bit insulting to to be told in effect "You can't possibly understand because you don't have kids". The subtext of that, whether intended or not, is "Your opinion is not valid in this area".

I've worked closely with children for most of my professional life and I've had that line dropped on me more than once when a parent disagreed with me on something. It's fair enough to disagree and and since it's their kid, I respect that. But respect the fact that not having kids does not automatically mean ignorance of all the issues that go along with having them.
Thank you. Some might be grateful I didn't say it was a "bad" decision. Oooh.

And imagine the assumptions being made in regards to the role children play in my life and my family's life. Amazing really.


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