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Old 11-25-2011, 07:32 AM
InfinitePossibility InfinitePossibility is offline
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I am a 38 year old female from the UK. Never married. No kids. Am having a lovely relationship with one of my oldest friends after a long period of us not seeing each other.

For the moment, it seems right for both of us that this be a monogamous relationship.

My partner has been in poly relationships for much of his life and it may be that it is something that we explore in time.
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Old 11-26-2011, 06:51 AM
Storm Storm is offline
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Hi, I'm Storm, 30, living in Australia though originally from the U.S. I came here when I was 18 for a relationship. I've wondered for a long time if something was wrong with me in my ability to have a 'healthy' relationship. I have only been in monogamous relationships but I have felt for at least 7 years now that I can love more than one person at a time without this effecting my love for who I'm with currently. Almost a year ago this was finally tested in reality, quite accidental, but it answered a lot of questions even though it ended very badly concerning the third person involved.

I am currently in a mono relationship and have been with her (I'm a lesbian) for just over 4 years now. I love her completely yet I know I can and did love another woman at the same time. Even after the bad experience we both had 10 months ago we both still feel we could love another woman (though my partner has doubts). I guess the closest thing we'd describe ourselves as wanting from the definitions here would be a triad.

Anyway, I could go on, but I'll just read posts and start to learn my way around here and read people's stories.
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Old 11-27-2011, 09:54 AM
Laluna Laluna is offline
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Hey i'm Laluna, I live in Queensland, Australia and am 20 years old.

I've spent the last 3 years in a monogomous relationship, this is the first serious relationship i've been in. We have a 5 yr old daughter, the sunshine of my life. She is techniqually my step daughter, but has no other woman in her life, and i've been living with her since she was two. So we have definately claimed each other as mother and daughter.

I am the oldest of four children and come from a rather unstable/abusive family. I feel an incrediable amount of responsibility toward my younger siblings 11, 15 and 19. I have done everything i can to impove their situation and have had the 15yr old spending 2-5 days a week with me for about 2 years. I wish that i could save them, this has been a ceaseless battle on my behalf, but there seems to be nothing more i can do but pick up the pieces. I loath having no controle, will always be there for them, but my parents drive me insane!

I have been studying ceramic art for the past two years, focusing on figurative sculpture with porcelain. I am extreamly passionate about what i do and believe i need to take a bit of time to myself to purse this. I need to prove to my self i can be an independant person and hunger for my freedom. I want to come to better understand myself and the essance of love.

Whilst being in a monogomous relationship i have had feelings for other people throughout our relationship. I was open about polyamory before we got together, but my partner couldn't accept this and i caved in to his side of seeing things for awhile. this has always left me feeling guilty and confussed, as a practacing monogomous it seemed a betrayal to have thoughts of other people.

My partner and i are now in the process of ending/changing our relationship, the parametres of this change are as of yet undefined. Techniqually we have broken up, but we love each other and are very close, more open with each other than we have been previously and we're living thouroughly in the moment. we're moving apart in two weeks, so time will tell. i am confident that we will always be in each others lives, as we do have a child together, and he seems to be more open minded at the possibility of a poly relationship, but this is as of yet untested.

I'm moving interstate to continue my studies. I haven't recieved my offers yet so at the moment i'm looking at NSW or SA. road trip! this is very exciting for me as i've lived in the same region all my life and rarely left the state. i can't wait to stretch my wings alittle and see what the future brings.
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Old 12-01-2011, 07:59 PM
blitzbaby3 blitzbaby3 is offline
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Location: The midwest, USA
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Red face Trying for short!

Hi! My name is Marinia. I am 19. I am female. I am pansexual I am in my first poly amorous relationship. I was in a monogamous relationship for 4 years. It was closed and committed, so I thought. I wanted more commitment but he didn't and there were issues. I broke it off. I had never considered a poly relationship for myself. But I am very open minded. I thought I would try one if I had the chance. Alas I did! I am with a male and female. T (male) and B (female). We have had a pretty rocky time... But we love each other. We are good to each other. We all live to make the others happy. I think it's pretty much resolved now, except a few small bumps. We call each other a family. We reassure the others with the cliche, all for one and one for all. It works. I'm not sure I want to be specific about our beginnings... It was not so good or honest. We're happy now though. I feel like I could write 6 pages on it ^.^
T and B love me.
T loves me more than he loves B, which is confusing and hurts B at times.
B loves me almost equally to T, but less than him.
T was with B before me, they've been together for 4 years, on/off. They've cheated on each other, treated the other like dirt. I popped into the picture in a similar fashion. Again long story. They are both more honest though now.
B is my first female anything, emotionally (I've had crushes, but nothing like this) and sexually.
B gets jealous often which sucks. I encourage them to be intimate. I like sex. They do too. They don't have to censor themselves in fear of me being upset. I am easy going. B and I differ greatly. I have more interests that T holds and I look more like what T likes. B gets self conscious and has low self esteem. I love being with them, but feel bad for coming into the picture and kind of in a sense stealing T. We're all together, but there's complications. Sorry it's not too short or revealing. Maybe I'll post more about it elsewhere <3 this idea of a website!!!
Our relationship equation:
B<M and T>M
What I wished it was T=M=B
But I do think I have more of an attachment to T.

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Old 12-02-2011, 05:12 AM
Angel777 Angel777 is offline
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Post Newbie Here...

Hi all
I am new here,also somewhat new to the poly lifestyle,however my husband (now of 3 years ) and I were both in open marriages before,wasnt much into that type of relationship this time around.
So after and lot of talking and soul searching we have decided to start seeking a 2nd Brother/Husband.
This we think is what we both were looking before in our previous marriages,but neither of us had spouse's that were interested.

Live on a small hobby farm of 5 acres in SW Missouri,love animals,outdoors,fishing,camping,swimming,spending time on our farm with our many many animals and peace and quite. Out of the rat race.

Both of us love children,ours have grown up moved on with our grandbabies,so it's just he and I and our new babies (animals)

Hoping to meet new friends and such on here,any and all information we can get that anyone has to offer...

We both love to make new friends,and that isnt really easy where we live with not knowing many people (new to Missouri as well ) and we know noone personaly who is into anytype of alternative relationships,seems like that sort of thing is either taboo here or kept in the closet..

Oh well So glad I found this site,cant wait to jump right in

Thanks so much for the oppertunity to be able to share our new lives here..
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Old 12-20-2011, 10:02 PM
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crazylove crazylove is offline
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Default A Husband of 16 years and a new boyfriend

Hi, very new to Polyamory, never heard the term before until my husband told me about this forum after our newest development.

We have been swinging for 6 years, mostly one sided. We just found it easier for me to have male friends and I have had many. Always searching for a “repeat offender” as I would call it. My theory was, “it’s like wine, gets better with time.” There were a few who went beyond the one time encounter, some quite a few and I always shared all the details with my husband...

A few months ago I met a man 19 years younger than me and it was instant connection. Incredible passion. We are beautiful together!!! ( I have always had a thing for younger men ) He knew I was married and open and it was no big deal. We dated for over a month, with very intimate sexual encounters. One day he decided he couldn’t do it. He was extremely confused about his future and what he wanted. We texted for a week, saying how miserable we both were without each other’s passion. Once night early in December he asked me to go have a drink, and we have been inseparable ever since. He spends 3-4 nights at my house, in my bed and leaves in the morning, before I need to start my day with my family. Jokingly I told him he just needs to move in…

Not sure where this will go or how long it will last, but I will take it for as long as we can. My husband is very supportive and he knows that he is my soul, and that our family will always be our family.

Thanks for letting me get this out there.

Crazy Love…
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Old 12-21-2011, 06:17 PM
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Location: I live primarily in California, though I have been known to travel. 5'6" 160lbs
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Default My Profile

I am blessed with the capacity to be several things at once, combined with the capacity to challenge the ease with which people slot individuals into neat categories, adding a stereotyped label.

I work a lot. For almost no pay. I like making fantasies come true. I am not afraid of my own body. I look at the world and see the beauty in it.

I'm enjoying the ride at the moment. I have some awesome people in my life that I am very grateful for. Looking to add to that number.

I try to keep my life simple because life in general has become very complex. I'm easy-going, laid-back and do not welcome scandal into my life.

I'm a very private person and keep to myself and my close friends. I prefer not to answer personal questions than to lie or mislead. I'm not ashamed of what I am, but I don't broadcast.

I'm a free-spirit that doesn't stay in one place too long, but cultivates strong relationships with people all over the world.

I'm very open minded sexually, and very little shocks or appals me. Though not everything is my cup of tea, I am open to exploring.

I'm fairly hairy. Most of the time unshaven. I'm not that tall, not very muscular and I'm not blonde. So I'm probably not what you are looking for.

Travel, dining and food in general, reading, music, photography, watching films and theatre, kayaking, comic books, swimming, baseball, the beach, biking, public nudity, video games, board games, words with friends, museums, art, cuddling, hiking, camping, enjoying life, computers, being a nerd, bbqing, having fun with friends.

I don't watch tv, but have several computers. I have netflix.

I'm looking for:
Fun, friendships and perhaps love.

Looking for friends who are open-minded and/or educated.

I prefer kissing non-smokers. I try to stay away from people who abuse substances.

I'm open to long term triad relationships. But only if I'm joining an existing strong relationship based on mutual respect.

I am a meat eater (get your mind out of the gutter) and that is not likely to change. But I respect those who are vegetarian or vegan. Just know, if you shack up with me, the smell of bovine murder will permeate the household.

Life is too short to compile a long list of "preferences" that might exclude someone amazing from your life.

I appreciate wit.
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Old 12-24-2011, 08:55 AM
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saphirepassion saphirepassion is offline
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HI ! I in open marriage for last 8 years. I have been in poly since I was in high school and I came out bisexual when I was 21. I am currently involved in six different types of poly relationships. I am in considered monopoly but my husband is still looking for a gf but is very straight and has no desire to have a 3some either. He wants a gf with a relationship with her only & that is not a issue for me either. I think that every relationship has a important part in your life no matter it works for each person involved.
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Old 12-25-2011, 06:26 AM
siddhartha siddhartha is offline
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Hi there. One half of a very happily-married poly couple here, living in Washington State. Poly "in theory" for some time, but still relatively new "in practice."

About me: I'm late twenties, ex-military. Grad student pursuing a humanities degree. I'm currently in the early stages of a new poly involvement -- not our first, certainly, but full of many firsts for me. My partners are both good friends, as I am good friends with the husband of my new partner. This has been a new thing, very scary and confusing, but I feel like I'm learning a lot -- not least of which about trust and self-discipline. It's funny, people think of the poly lifestyle as this very hedonistic thing, and it's not. I've learned more about restraint and decorum and self-denial in the last two months that at any other time in my life.

At the same time, however, there's the challenges of living poly in a mono world. Our lifestyle is a very closely-guarded secret, and as such it's hard to talk frankly with friends about the struggles and doubts that come with it. Which is why I'm here. I'm looking to sort out my own feelings in all this right now; I'm wrestling with a lot of questions of how to grow and better myself as a partner. I'm not really interested in new attachments, but I'm certainly not above new friendships, and even a bit of casual flirting is okay. But for right now? Just trying to learn the ropes.

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Old 12-25-2011, 06:38 AM
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Default Welcome to the polyworld ! :)

HI Seth,
I understand about living a very closed guarded lifestyle. I know that Washington state can some very conservative areas to live because I used to live in wenatchee,wa for a while. Have you found that there a support groups on Facebook that can help us poly people. I belong to a closed community on Facebook but I can invite people though so maybe that might a social outlet ya.
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