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Old 06-10-2014, 12:03 AM
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Glad to hear your weekend turned out okay in spite of the shaky start.
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Old 06-14-2014, 07:43 PM
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James has been very lovely this week. The night after meeting his folks he got tipsy and in the mood to talk about feelings stuff. He went on a romantic rampage, telling me what it means to him to be with me. My relationship with James ramped up a notch when I visited Elemental, although he's been careful not to cross our commitment boundary. We reiterated that part of the reason this works so well for us is that we can't take it for granted because we're not committed to some social relationship ideal. This week has been really romantic because of that conversation, and I think also because he feels freer to express his love for me now.

I think I'll be camping three weekends in a row in July! The first trip is Leda's and my first group trip. We usually go twice a year and get about 8-12 people per trip. The second trip I'll be doing is with James. Just he and I, bangin' in the woods. Then the following weekend James' family is going camping and I am invited. I will likely end up going on that because James wants me to, there will be lots of booze, and because James and I will probably be missing a weekend together when Elemental visits.

Sexy sex update: I had decided a couple of weeks ago that I needed to address the quality of my sexy times with James. Well, I don't know if he's been reading this or what but basically as soon as I wrote that, the sexy times became more interesting/fulfilling. It's been mostly vanilla for us (excepting the swinger's club and the voyeuristic kinky streak he's got that comes out as dirty talk), but now we're branching out a little bit. Plus I'm trying to be more responsive and 'present'. That means saying "no" sometimes because if I'm too tired it takes me about 25 minutes to warm up and until then I can't do more than lie there. If I'm too tired I can't be present and active.

Work continues to be great, I'm still getting along with Leda (although she's really hard to read, like, most of the time), family stuff is good, I've been running regularly for months now...everything's good. I've even been drinking less which makes me feel good about myself.

Sometimes when I'm stressed or worried I ask myself "what's the worst thing in my life right now?" The question gives me perspective on how, usually, my problems are relatively insignificant and short-lived. Well this week my worst problem is probably that I'm not getting quite enough alone time. How not terrible of a problem is that?
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