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Old 12-09-2016, 12:24 AM
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Made some big decisions about a new direction for my life (related to my work and home) and am now planning and working out the details. It's exciting and a bit scary, and I have a lot of work ahead of me, but it feels right. We'll see how my love life is affected by the major changes I am making, too!
The world opens up... when you do.

"Oh, oh, can't you see? Love is the drug for me." ~Bryan Ferry
"Love and the self are one . . ." ~Leo Buscaglia

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Old 06-08-2017, 10:03 PM
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Drive by update:

Still here, and still good. Mal and Djinn are working on their divorce. It's a long time coming so while there is lots of grief about it there is also a certain peace.

Mal and I are doing good. Plans for him, I and the kids to do the quintessential summer road trip this summer are coming along nicely

Djinn and I are doing good too. Now that the divorce is something out in the open and being talked about we are back to being friends. Her new beau is lovely - I've only met him once, but they've been together for 6+m and and he treats her (and The Kids) right, so he's fine by me

I'm excited for the future, and looking forward to Mal having the time and emotional capacity to grow more solidly into his poly self now that he has discovered it and will be free to explore it.
Me: f(46) never married
Djinn: f(46) my friend (30yrs+), STBX to Mal (20yrs)
Mal: m(45) my partner, LDR (4yrs+)
Cassim: m(41) Djinn's current monogamous partner
Inara: f(??) Mal's new interest (1yr+)
Billie: f(24) my daughter
The Kids: Mal and Djinn's children f(14) and m(10)
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Old 08-02-2017, 03:13 AM
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I'm doing all right - I recently started voice lessons again after a three year hiatus, and I'm picking things back up more quickly than I'd thought I would.

And in the fall I'm hoping to start taking acting classes.
I've got 99 problems and they're all Alan Cumming.
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Old 12-29-2017, 07:02 PM
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How am I doing?

In a nutshell ...surviving.

My only son went and enlisted into the Navy. And he shipped out to basic training out to Chicago on Dec 11th. So this is the first Holiday season I didn't spend some time with him.


I knew that I would be a 'young' empty-nester. But I didn't realize it would be this lonely. The good this is I went on a date the Friday after he shipped out. So at least I had something to distract my self with. And I did not go into going on this date thinking it was a distraction. I was excited, intrigued and hopeful that there might be something beginning. Fingers crossed!
Valynn (Me)- 45 F bi/poly/divorced
Dexus- 21 M- son of Valynn. US Navy Airman.
Roma- 55 - M Straight Mono, Possible ???
Angela- 45 F Bi Poly best friend
JR - 45 M Straight Mono, Angela's LTR
M'lord Sir- 56 M Straight/Married Soft Dom, Occasional Medieval Play Partner
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