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Old 11-03-2010, 07:17 PM
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Default Mixed signals...now what?

Hi all,

Mumbles here, checking in. Since I last posted I've been really working on improving my personal relationships in all aspects of my life. It's been difficult, but positive; people have noticed, so I hear, and that's definitely a good thing.

That all being said...I'm still floundering around, and I just don't know what to do.

A quick recap; C (my wife) and I talked about opening up our marriage; she was enthusiastic, followed by apprehensive, which is pretty reasonable. That weekend I went out with my crush, S, and had a good time...until I ruined everything with my big mouth. We were both drunk and got a ride to her place from the bar, I had planned on staying there (she has an extra bed). Anyway, that night against my drunken better judgement I told her a lot about how I felt about her...it's still unclear to me exactly how she reacted to it. As far as I can tell, the fact that I'm married was the big hangup. But that aside, I just can't tell if there's anything there, or if I'm just seeing things.

I apologized for acting out of line the next day, and she accepted - noting that she wasn't upset, or anything, and that she didn't really think I owed her an apology.

Anyway...I expected things to be really weird after that, but they haven't really been. We sort of both agreed to pretend like that night didn't happen - but I think her perspective is that I was trying to cheat, even though I wasn't - sadly, I don't know how well my drunken self conveyed this notion. Poorly, I imagine. I know she said "things would be different [if I wasn't married], but I don't know if that was just figurative pat on the back for a hypothetical she figures is impossible, or what.

I just can't figure it out, guys. We were at a Halloween party last weekend, and nothing was weird - in fact, we flirted and touched more than we ever have, a fair amount in front of my wife C, who has actually been in favor of hanging out with S and I a lot. I expected S to act really differently, like try to ignore me, but she wasn't doing that at all. S and C danced together (with me) a fair amount, which was a blast and a half, but again, really confusing.

I guess my question is to the girls out there who have become gf's of married guys...

I know the details are too sparse to really weigh in, but does it sound like S has any feelings for me? I had some limited opportunity to talk to her about it, but we were both so drunk and awkward that the conversation really wasn't that helpful. Why would she keep our relationship so flirty and touchy AFTER I talked to her, if she'd been weirded out, or put off?

Part of me wishes I could just make this go away. I've thought if I could just make her hate me somehow, I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore, but I know I can't bring myself to do anything like that...

On the other hand... C has been really supportive and almost...enthusiastic about it? I had a talk with her sometime after the drunk friday, which was in some respects a rough talk - it wasn't really a 'cheating' conversation, but a spiritual cousin, I suppose - but it ended really well, and I think she's pretty warm to the idea now, especially since her needs are getting met so much more effectively since we talked. It's an amazing show of security on C's part to be engaged in becoming closer friends with S...it almost feels like we're courting her together, which I suppose isn't totally surprising.

I also think that's the only way this will ever work, is if she gets close enough to both of us to realize "it's okay," or whatever, but that's going to take time, and I'm just impatient I guess.

For the record, after a lot of reflection, yes, I am interested in an emotional connection with S, that's what I really hunger for...If she could get past the stigma, I could even see it working really well for her - she's pretty busy with work a lot of the time, but could really use someone to be there for her...

Anyway, for the time being I'm going to just keep trying to be as good a friend as I can, and let C help things along if they're there to help. I've noticed that I call S "babe" pretty regularly now, it's just become my pet name for her - even in front of C, which is kinda funny (C will always be Bear), C doesn't seem to mind at all, which is really cool.

So...what I have is...an incredibly awesome, loving, supportive wife, who is at the very least interested/curious about this, and...a perplexing relationship with a girl I have a hard time understanding, who is constantly sending me mixed signals...big sigh.

Dunno what I'm asking for here, and I know I'm particularly rambly, but as usual it just feels good to share. Any comments or ideas or insight, especially from "secondary" gf's, would be really appreciated...thanks!
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