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Old 07-07-2012, 07:18 PM
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Default What "type" does your SO go for?

I know there has been talk in the past of people's SO's pursuing people who are "too similar" to the poster that it feels threatening or "so different" from the poster that she wonders what it is that the SO even sees in her.

My husband hasn't gotten too far in a relationship yet, but he tends to go for 2 physical types:

1: My body type - a bit on the heavy side or at least solidly built, big boobs.
2: Twigs (no offense) - tall, so thin it seems like you can see through them, no real curves to speak of.

I noticed the trend before he did. The women he is interested in on OkCupid either have pictures that are obviously showing off their gigantic bosoms or they are super thin. It kind of bugged me at first, more the thin ones than the ones built like me ("oh, you'd like me more if I looked like THAT") but then I realized I was being stupid, and it started to amuse me because he went back and looked at the people he's talked to in the past and realized I was right! He felt kind of bad that his decision on whether or not to contact people seemed to rely solely on their acceptance of poly (or at least the lack of judging it) and their body type.

Personality-wise he is attracted to the opposite of me - more submissive-seeming, go-with-the-flow kind of people. Which doesn't surprise me, because he gets enough dominant, I-want-it-my-way crap from me (not in a terrible way, but more often than not I get my way because I make a more valid argument or manage to convince him with my feminine wiles ).

So, what does everyone else think? Does your SO (or SOs) tend to feel attracted to people similar to you or vastly different? Physically or personality-wise.
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