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Old 05-17-2011, 05:47 AM
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Wow,..amazing story for sure. I am glad you found some solice in your friend`s arms.

Take what you two did, for the healing properties it was meant to give. Now talk to other women, and form some friendships.

This serves two purposes. I think you can have both worlds. Keeping the friendship with your dear friend. Show her patience, the way she has shown you,..(which I think part of you desires) but also being open to other possibilities, and that will probably relax the husband. If he got a kick out of the sex,...that is a great bonus for him.

If you keep your options open, and forge more friendships,..Over time,..things may change, and you might be able to have more with the friend. Or not. Either way, you have been liberated in a way, and can step forward, and enjoy new friendships.

Note for clarity: 'cuckhold' is originally meant to be a derogatory term. Now its more a humiliation/submission thing. Meaning 'forced' to watch, participate, or be humiliated by the wife having sex with others.

Men who enjoy their wives being elsewhere, experience a sexual surge in a alpha-like reclaiming of their spouse. This is a lot different then a cuckhold fetish,...This situation sounds more like the latter of the two.

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