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Old 01-13-2012, 11:59 AM
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Default Some random stuff about games

Thursday uses to be the day we go shopping for the coming week. When we are done and rearranging the goods in our wagon, I had to think of the thread on games and gamers. All three of us grew up with games, consoles, PCs and the like, and one of us usually starts humming the Tetris theme when we are trying to order the groceries in the most effective and fastest way possible while working against the clerk who is always too fast scanning them. I prefer the first level, Lin skips in with the second one after some repetitions on my part. Not all the staff get the connection and some give us really disturbed looks at times

As I got started with the game topic for once, there has been something adorable but yet creepy happening over the last weeks. Lin and I met while playing some MMORPG online. It's our most favorite kind of game and we use to play most of them together, single or multiplayer. Sward's taste in games has always been ... well, to put it neutrally: different. I don't know if it rings any bells with anyone, but he played Farming Simulator for years. Driving over virtual fields, gathering in the harvest, sowing new seeds, cultivating the fields, again and again and again. I get sleepy when I watch him drive over these one-colored fields after ten minutes, the most exciting part in this game is when you have to avoid getting stuck in traffic jam on your way from one field to the other

When Lin moved in, Sward saw his chance: He got Lin to start playing Farming Simulator and asked him to design some trucks and farming machines. They are of high detail and there is a whole community designing those vehicles for fun. As Lin is able to draw really well, he is such a great art designer, I love his pictures, those machines came out great. I think that it's good that the two of them found something to do together, I just wished it would have been something different But to each their own, isn't it?

Another little anecdote on games:
When we started visiting the fitness center I was doing my workout as my trainer noted it down. But his handwriting was so hard to decipher that I was standing there quite clueless and finally asked him. „What is an ADD-machine?“ Little pause, looking askant at me and answered: „My dear, you obviously played too many games.“ We didn't know each other well at that point but we had to laugh and the little warrior inside of me broke through. „Well, I would have been ready to stand on court like you do with those tennis machines that shoot the balls to you, fighting off masses of little goblins coming at me. Just hand me my axes.“ This resulted in him going to a machine where you have to press the legs together, training the inside of the thighs (the one that gave me this horrible sore muscles at the start of our training) and sticking the plug a bit deeper in again, giving me 10 more kilo to master. „A little furious one here, hm? Feel free to get yourself exhausted with this.“ Big smile on his face.

[For those not having a clue what this little geek is talking about here: add is the short-form for additional, meaning some unplanned attention-grabbing of some creatures in a game, that you didn't wanted to bother you right at that point in time. Resulting in too much to do for you and maybe too much for you to handle, possibly resulting in your virtual death.]

To bring this totally off-poly-topic post to a close in the right fashion, one last bit that is game related. Lin and I decided to restart the project that failed last summer this year again. It's such a great MMO-concept and I just know that our ideas are good, that we worked everything out just fine and that the publishers are still interested (it's a money matter on their part), we will see what they are going to say about the possibilities and such this summer. It would be real waste to forget about all the work we put into it.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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