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Old 08-28-2011, 03:00 AM
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Thanks BJ and Brigid,

It's frustrating because of the type of people who know. People who we have had nothing to do with for over a year if not more, who still find ways to talk shit or spread rumors about Karma.

I feel like I'm still in middle school. Karma has been trying to heal and get over her and the shit she caused. He's been trying to get over J's betrayals and lies. He's trying to move on. Why won't they let him? Why can't they let him heal his wounds and move on instead of involving their friends like a bunch of kids on a playground?

You're right, maybe they will be able to see both sides, but for the most part I left a lot of things out, out of respect for her privacy. And now I need to worry about Cookies.

Kind of kicking myself, I knew it would make things worse to invite Cricket here in the first place, but I held out this hope that it would help her see my side of things. Instead she took everything as insult, even things that had nothing to do with her, and all we did was fight over some attack she imagined. And now there's all of this drama. Note to self, no other girlfriends get invited here.

But I have learned something, a new rule we've implemented. Between Cricket and a friend of ours who is dragging his g/f through hell. We've decided that any new dating prospect must be mentaly and emotionaly capable of a relationship. No hanging on to someone who has no business being in one in the first place. Because then you get caught in this whole "but I love them I want to help them" circle. Our friend needs to deal with his own shit before dragging someone else through it. And in the right his girlfriend needs to let it go. When someone isn't ready to be in a relationship, there's no happy healthy sane.
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