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Old 08-27-2011, 05:52 PM
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Default Irena's poly adventures

I decided it's time to blog here, since I don't want to put all my stories out on my regular blog. So here it is, my poly world as it currently stands!

I've been dating Diogenes for over a year and a half (I formerly used 'Ian' as his pseudonym, but as we've now got a good friend named Ian I've decided to just avoid real names as pseudonyms.) He's been poly for many years, it was my first poly relationship. We've been living together since March, and are planning to get married next spring.

About six months ago I connected with Bentham via OkCupid. We chatted for a while and met up a few times, but both were somewhat distracted with other things and didn't really actively pursue getting to know each other better. I also met his wife, Borodin, and girlfriend, Emerson. I liked both of them as well. (I'm a little bit bi, though I've never dated a woman.)

As the summer kicked into gear Dio and I started hanging out more with Bentham and Borodin, and occasionally Emerson, and Dio and Borodin fell for each other fast. The four of us had a really great dynamic together, lots of laughing and fun, and we were all really comfortable hanging out. Bentham and I continued to develop our relationship, though not as fast as Dio and Borodin.

This developing relationship was a catalyst for all of us to think more seriously about the relationships we were already in. B&B invited Emerson to officially move in with them (she'd been in that "practically but not actually living there" phase for a while) and Dio and I set a wedding date (well, a wedding month. Details to be worked out.) While it's all still very new, and we're trying not to get ahead of ourselves, we've talked about how much we like the idea of living in a big multi-adult household someday, and how cool it would be if that worked out for the five of us.

For right now we're taking it a day at a time, and it's a lot of fun. Updates to follow!
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