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Old 05-13-2009, 04:29 PM
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Talking Hi from NJ!!

Hey everyone. Been lurking on the site for about a week now. No other reason, other than I've just been too lazy to do the intro. BAD DANNY!!

My wife and I have been together for 12 years, married for 6 and we've been in the lifestyle for about 11 years. LOL Not really. We started out having 3somes, then one day we found the right person and before you know it we were doing our homework on the lifestyle and realized that this was for us!!

About 5 years ago we met our first serious gf. She lived with us for 13 mos before she passed away. We've since found another gf (we've known her for about 6 years at this point) and she's been living with my wife and I for the last year.

Even though we'd been living the lifestyle for a long time, we never really thought of ourselves as Poly. Even when we met the gf it was like, ok she just fits with us. That's it. Until recently.

We came across someone else that we all really like and enjoy. We're thinking that our family of 3 is going to become a family of 4 before too long. It was at that point that we all realized we were truly Poly. It wasn't just that we found someone that fit us as a couple. It was that we could love other people and know that the love for each other is never diminished. It's WONDERFUL!

I can't tell you how the lifestyle has strengthened all of our individual relationships. When my wife and I met our first gf, we went through the growing pains of a new Poly relationship, but we worked through them. We realized how deep our love for each other really was, and that the other really wasn't going anywhere. The same has happened with our current gf now that we've met our potential 4th.

I know a lot of people don't understand the lifestyle and it's a shame. I'm thankful though that all of our families know about our lifestyle and even though they might not get it, they respect it. That's really all I ask of anyone. All of our friends know about us which definately makes things easier.

OK, my introduction has turned into a mini novel. LOL Please feel free to drop a line and say hi.

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