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Old 08-18-2011, 01:55 PM
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Default New and slightly confused

Hello, everyone. This is my first post.

I am a 25-year-old male and I've been involved in a polyamorous open relationship for about ten months now. My girlfriend (let's call her 'T') is bisexual and has a girlfriend (let's call her 'G') who also has a girlfriend, I'm not sure exactly how long the 'chain' goes on for.

'T' and 'G' have been together for a number of years but, of late (in the last year or so, I think), their relationship, while healthy and loving, has become non-sexual.

Our relationship is long-distance (she lives in a different part of the country) but we see each other fairly often. As far as I know, I see her more often than she sees 'G' and I've only met 'G' a couple of times although I like her and we seem to get on well enough.

This has been going well enough but I have become confused of late as 'T' has been, on occasion, sleeping with at least two other men in a purely casual way. She tells me that's it's purely casual and that I'm her favourite man and has told me that 'no other man will do' and so on, so I'm not exactly sure why she does this but I suppose we all get horny from time to time and, being a long-distance relationship, I'm not always around.

While I've managed to not feel jealous of them at all, in some ways, I have begun to feel a little jealous of her. While I love her a great deal, I feel as though I should be 'taking advantage', so to speak, of the fact that I am permitted by the nature of our relationship to sleep with others but, for one, I find the idea a little difficult for a number of reasons; I feel almost as though I would be being 'unfaithful' (silly, I know, but hard to shake-off), I feel no similar degree of attraction to other women as I do to 'T' (or, at least, not to many) and I feel that most other women would be unwilling to sleep with a man who is involved in a relationship. I don't want to deceive or hurt anyone; I just want to enjoy myself but I'm not even sure if casual hookups with other women will make me feel any better.

I suppose I just feel strange that 'T' is turning to other men in my absence in spite of the fact that she has explicitly told me that "I'm the best man,".

I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting at. I'm new to all of this (I've never even been involved in a relationship for this long before) and it's all a little strange. Has anyone had similar experiences?
Apologies for rambling.
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