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Old 08-18-2011, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wow, timely. I am heading to poly camp in washington. Good to know in advance what to expect. We are all going, even our child. Hmmmm. Not sure its very appropriate for him now although I was assured there would be structure for families as it was important to the organizer that families were welcome and respected in terms of poly kids feeling a sense of belonging with other kids. It worries me that that sense of belonging might revolve around sex and not the love part of poly.
Sorry Darkhorse, I don't know if you do mean the WA one or not but
http://www.polycamp.org/ if not, they still have a what to bring link on the site which might help.

Redpepper, I haven't met him but I believe from reading the Poly in the NW facebook group, Quintus the "CEO" throws family friendly poly events too at his place, and if I recall the last one he posted about had a no alcohol policy, So I don't think polycamp is inappropriate for kids, and that all the sex is in people's private tents.

I also recall hearing it is very family friendly but since I don't have kids and most of the people I know don't, I never asked for any details, what stuck with me from the conversation was of course "oh no what if somebody wanted to have casual sex with me or my husband!" I'm just a bit too shy to go meet so many new people at once I think. I think it'd still be a fun event where bad behavior isn't tolerated, and sorry I can't find much info about past ones anywhere, because I swear I see tons of info about it every year usually.
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