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Old 08-01-2011, 11:59 PM
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Question Ok....its input from the peanut gallery time!!!

Ok....I have a question and an idea and I just wanna throw it out there and see what everybody's opinions are and experiences have been...........

We all love being together all the time....we used to think we needed alot of alone time and breaks from each other but anymore, we are all just alot happier together and we basically co-habitate in 2 houses.....

We made the rule awhile back, that we would wait a year before we starting looking at living together but the longer this relationship goes on, the more we all kinda feel like waiting that long may hurt our relationship more than help it. We all wanna live together and create a one-home family, but we all are just kinda like "shrugging our shoulders" at what we are waiting for....

For me #1 there are legal concerns (I watch sister wives, lol) #2 I'm worried that maybe we would be moving too fast and #3 I wonder how it is going to affect the kids........

So that's where I'm at, I'm sure Jamee will contribute her feelings as well (she's with me....we feel like we're ready but we just don't want to hurt our relationship by making a huge step so soon).......

What do you guys...newbies and experienced poly's alike.....think about us making the big move after only 5 months???? Thanks for any feedback
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