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Old 10-21-2009, 09:08 AM
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Default Taking a chance

Having been divorced, I've become a bit jaded of what society says is ideal, and found that the thought of a triad might better suit me to have all my needs met, as well as my partners. My story is that a half year relationship ended with "A", cause I could not feel committed with her, cause she was part of what I wanted, but not the full package, and she's very needy. My new gf "O" seems to fill the gap, but missing things that my last gf had. Both have had expressed sexual curiosity with other women, but never did anything about it. "A" has openly discussed a 3 way, while "O" finds any non traditional lifestyle fascinating, and wonders if she might be a lesbian deep down. "A" is seeing another guy, but is unhappy and wants to get back with me, but knows that it may not workout in the long-run with just the 2 of us. She also knows I'm seeing "O", and is a bit jealous. I asked "A" if she was interested in joining me and "O", and originally she said no and was insulted, but mostly cause I hardly knew this new girl, and I wanted to start a new type of relationship. A few weeks later, and now "A" wants to know what "O" would say about the whole polyamory idea. "O" being exceptionally curious, would probably want to try it, and I plan to ask her soon. "O" doesn't know I've spoken to "A", but strangely asked many questions about her when we first started going out, in a curious way, rather than a jealous one.

Together I could see it working out really well, if I could get it to work, and don't want to make stupid mistakes early on, so any advice would be wonderful. During the last few years of my failed marriage, my ex wife's best friend lived with us, and although nothing was going on, things ran like clockwork, and all were happy. In fact, one of the things that helped end it, was when her friend was ready to move out, and live with her own bf. So I've lived with 2 women before, and found the situation very stable, with lots of sharing of things like chores. I want to feel that sort of social stability again, which is where the idea is probably rooted.

So all of us would be new to this. Neither have been with a women, but are curious about it. I've never been with 2 women either, so I don't know what is expected as the only guy. How do I introduce the two of them to begin with? What's the best way to manage time with them, at first? How do you get past any initial jealousy? Simple questions like this, run in my head, and I want to do this right from the beginning. Any advice would be great. Thanks ahead of time.

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