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Old 07-28-2011, 04:10 PM
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Default Poly on the Rocks

I am PickMoreDaisies. You can call me Daisy...or whatever you like. I don't normally post very much but I do lurk a whole lot.

I'm going to start this 'life story' thread because things have gone off the deep end for me in many ways and I imagine that it will take a long time to get it back on track.

My poly was strong. I had excellent communication with my common-law partner of 10 years or so. (We'll call him C). We have three children in a blended family. I had no jealousy about him flirting or having sex with other people. He did. I dated a few people and had one fairly long relationship that lasted over a year.

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with MS after a week long stay in the hospital.

I don't know what the diagnosis means for my life. I am still recovering from a pretty big 'flare-up' that had me in a wheelchair. I am ok with the diagnosis, for the most part. It is actually a refief to finally know what is wrong with me...I have been plagued by weird neurological symptoms my entire life. I am looking forward to some clarity and treatment options.

My concerns are not for my health. My concerns are for the health of my relationship. At about the same time I got sick C was having a bunch of luck with dating. I could not bring myself to ask him not to, and I still can't. I could not ask him to stop seeing this one girl that he was seeing before I got sick just because I got sick. That ended but he is now dating another girl since I have been home from the hospital. I should say that these are just girls he is dating...not currently in love with. It was/is making him so happy to be dating that I can't tell him to stop. I know that this diagnosis is taking it's toll on him too and I want him to be able to escape, take a time out and go on a date to forget about taking care of me.

However, I can't handle it. I have tried giving him my ring back. We have been engaged for 4 years. I have offered to stay at my mother's house. I want him to be able to live his life but I can't include poly in my life right now (haven't said this to him). He says that if I left he would be torn apart. Still, I am on the verge of leaving...
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